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Concussions & Brain Injuries

We offer personalized integrated therapy for your healing 

You may have tried individual therapies such as vestibular rehabilitation, physical therapy, vision therapy, aerobic exercise, and cognitive therapy and still have symptoms. Research has proven that to reestablish healthy brain function, a customized program of all those therapies should be offered in the right sequence. That’s how you can achieve better outcomes, faster, and this is how Clear Mind’s approach is able to effectively help patients with concussion. 

Powerful, immediate relief 

We are one of the most advanced concussion clinics and carry the latest FDA approved equipment that helps our doctors diagnose and treat concussion, neck pains, headaches, cognitive difficulties and more. 

Our approach is comprehensive and addresses the following factors that might be driving your symptoms. Follow this link to take a quiz that will help you learn more about what is causing most of your symptoms. 


Brain fog, dizziness, nausea, balance issues, ringing in the ears, slow processing speed, vertigo, motion sickness


Blurred vision, motion sensitivity, double vision, light sensitivity, eye strain


Poor concentration, memory difficulties, mental fog, confusion, poor problem solving, trouble organizing


Poor spatial awareness, numbness/tingling, head/face/neck pain, balance problems


Anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness, impulsivity, easily overwhelmed


Lightheaded, chest pain, heart palpitation, fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive issues


Low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, trouble concentrating, low cognitive endurance, poor brain function after meals, sensitivity to scents, chemicals and other pollutants. 


Symptoms from 2 or more categories.

Restoring hope 

Our treatment approach is designed for all types of concussions, even the stubborn ones. If you have tried other things with little results, we can help identify subtle underlying issues commonly overlooked by traditional medicine. 

Over the last 10 years, advice and best practices have evolved significantly, and Clear Mind caregivers are at the forefront using the most current research and therapies. 

During treatments, we test your progress regularly, so you know it’s working.