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Our Healing Philosophy

At Clear Mind, our healing philosophy is rooted in holistic solutions that are effective, safe, and sustainable. We are committed to offering compassionate, informative, and hopeful care to support you or a loved one live a pain-free life. 

Here’s how it works:

Relax in a safe space where your struggles will be heard

Dr. Thompson Maesaka understands what you are going through because he has been through it with concussion treatments – the overwhelm, the runaround, the hopeless feelings. Before any advice is given, Dr. Maesaka takes the time to listen to your story to understand your struggles. 

Receive a customized healing program designed for your personal needs

With each patient’s needs being different, the professionals at Clear Mind take the time to create customized treatment plans to provide specific results. We offer a variety of healing solutions backed by the absolute best technology available across the globe, so we can provide optimal therapy for each patient.   

Be empowered to feel in control of your condition

You will be equipped with both in-clinic treatment plans and at-home exercises that will help you continually feel better each day. Because we know our patients so well, the at-home exercise program is carefully designed to take in all aspects of your current situation. It is designed to empower you to fully recover long after your time in our facility.