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Diagnostic Testing

Clear Mind’s Comprehensive Program offers a carefully thought-out combination of therapies below. Every case is unique, so your care will include therapies that cater to your individual needs. To see if these therapies will benefit you, book a phone consult to learn more.

VOG: VOG analysis is one of the keys that unlocks targeted, specific neuro rehab. We record your eyes while you perform 10 unique tasks, each of which tells us the function of a different area in your brain. Each test is assigned an objective “score” indicating current level of function. From there, we can identify the weakest areas and rehab it accordingly.

BTracks: Our balance tracking software allows us to further narrow in on what needs rehab. By testing balance in a number of different ways, we can pinpoint which systems aren’t functioning well, which helps us choose the right therapies to accelerate your healing.

Autonomic Testing: Checking for orthostatic intolerance is key in many conditions. Simply put, if you stand up and you have a big spike in your heart rate, your system doesn’t tolerate gravity well. This is an issue, as gravity is the one stimulus that never goes away. Making sure your stress response system isn’t overworked by standing upright is a key in sustaining long term recovery. 

Another way of measuring Autonomic Function is through the buffalo concussion test. Here we see how high your heartrate can go before you get symptoms. This allows us to prescribe graded aerobic exercise that prevents prolonged autonomic symptoms.

Cervical Feedback Testing: It’s common for injuries to affect how the muscles in your neck communicate. If you have chronic neck pain after an injury, it’s important to check the feedback from your neck as a potential cause. Without the information, treating a tight neck with only manual therapy could miss the root cause entirely, and may make matters worse. 

Cognitive Testing: Through a series of questionnaires and diagnostic tests, we hone in on what cognitive abilities need ongoing care. Things like memory, processing speed, and reaction time are important to measure and rehab.

Body Analyzer: The Body Analyzer is research grade body composition and health analyzer that takes a deeper look at hydration, inflammation and other vital health markers. This information is used to create customized protocols to meet your specific needs. 

To learn if this therapy is appropriate for you, book a 15-minute phone consult today.